• Nice little update

    So I only have two more staff positions open. If you’re interested let me know! We have new changes coming up and I’m very excited for them! :D I’m very happy with the new admins so far!

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    can you make a taglist of all the anime you got?

    The blog is under construction as we speak new staff new look new! We are taking suggestions for the new layout so yes a tag list will definitely be under consideration!
    - Haruhi _^_

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    Oops lol

    Ok so for those of you that have replied to the staff ad please send me your email and or tumblr info because that little bit of info was forgotten so I may send you the invite to our blog thank you!

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    Staff needed.

    Like the title states, we are low staffed. A lot of the staff has very little time on their hands to spare. I’d like to keep a constant flow on confessions published so of any if our followers have time and would like to help let us know! Shoot us a message and well get back to ya! ^_~

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    In Image: Attack on Titan

    I don’t get why people think character development needs to be in-your-face. The most satisfying changes are the ones you notice only when you look back and see the difference. In an anime like Attack on Titan, where the show is mainly plot driven, those subtle characterizations are what keep me interested and involved even when the plot isn’t punching me in the face, figuratively.


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    Hello Everyone!

    It’s me Haruhi, I have not been on here for a very LOOONG time, but as usual when I do log on I like to thank the staff for keeping this blog up and running, when I first started this blog it was just me working on it. Many confessions all by myself daily back in October of 2010. I decided to “hire” staff members, thought it would be a neat idea and great way to meet other people with my same interests. Well a few years later and here we are :) So I’ve seen staff members come and go and most of them I did not have the pleasure of interacting with but I must say they are all fabulous and I am so indebted to them for keeping this blog alive. So big thank you to all of our current and former staff members. I would like to inform you all that I will be running this blog from now on, nothing will change, everything will run as usual. I will only be updating it time to time when necessary as well as doing confessions. I am going to start on some and eventually when I get them to a low number I will re-open the submissions inbox :) so hang tight there with me and keep coming up with your brilliant confessions so that when I re-open I will have more incoming messages to look forward to! ^_^


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    So, we’ve had a few people slip through the cracks and ask us “Why are asks/submits closed?”. I already made a post about it a while back but I’ll let you all know again: We are incredibly busy due to our own lives and, unfortunately, cannot accept new confessions until we can get through the hundreds we already have waiting to be done. We have pages that have yet to be completed and so, with the greatest respect, please stop trying to get around this. Once we are able to get back into submissions and get down to a respectable number then we will open them back up but for now do not send any new confessions to us.

    As for when we will be able to get back into them, can’t say. I am incredibly busy with getting back into college essays, exams, work, as well as alot of personal matters that I have to put before anything else. As for the other staff members, I’m afraid I can’t update on that as a) I don’t know and b) I wouldn’t have the right to, anyway.

    Thanks and I hope you all understand. Here’s hoping we can interact soon.
    - Mio

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    Mirai Nikki [source]

    If it weren’t for Yuno, I probably would have dropped Mirai Nikki. It’s not my kind of show at all. But she mesmerized me, and I kept watching solely because I enjoyed her so much. I’ve watched a lot of anime, but I have yet to find a character I’ve loved nearly as much as her.

    xo Sango

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